Be #PestSmart and ditch the weedkiller

We’re supporting @DwrCymru’s #PestSmart scheme to help protect people, water and the environment from the chemicals in pesticides.

They’re running the scheme because @DwrCymru’s routine water monitoring programme has detected pesticide traces in areas they’ve never seen them before. They’re too low to pose a risk to drinking water, but they can breach drinking water standards.

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#PestSmart promotes safer ways to manage pests, weeds and plant diseases in your garden without impacting the environment.

Pesticides like weedkiller can cause harm to people and wildlife, so it’s important to take special care with them.

Store Smart

  • Store pesticides in a safe place out of reach of children or animals
  • Only buy what you need. Don’t buy pesticides in bulk
  • Always read the label

Use Smart

  • Only apply pesticides to areas you want to treat. Excess pesticides could find their way into the environment
  • Only use pesticides in good weather conditions
  • Don’t use pesticides near pollinators like bees and butterflies
  • Clear the area of children and pets before you use a pesticide

Dispose Smart

  • Dispose of pesticides following the instructions on the bottle
  • Never pour pesticides down the sink, any leftovers should be disposed of at your local waste centre

Try Alternatives

  • Encourage natural predators in your garden
  • Pull weeds out by hand or use natural alternatives to pesticides

For guides, blogs and advice on how to manage your garden without relying on pesticides head to the #PestSmart website.

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