Students Ysgol Clywedog Cambridge
Ysgol Clywedog students at Magdalene College. Left to right: Laura Williams, Emily King, Maisie Hughes, Jack McNeil and Catrin George.

Esther Abelian, a medical student at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK, recently welcomed five Year 11 MAT students from Ysgol Clywedog to Cambridge University.

Esther, a former Ysgol Clywedog pupil herself, is in her first year at Magdalene College, University of Cambridge, and she told the visitors from her former high school to aim for the top when applying to universities.

The five Clywedog visitors were all inspired after being given a tour of the different departments and colleges.

Ysgol Clywedog Cambridge University
The students with Esther Abelian. Left to right: Emily King, Laura Williams, Jack McNeil, Maisie Hughes, and Catrin George.

“A whole new world to me”

Jack McNeil said: “The visit to Cambridge opened up a whole new world to me. It showed me how I can achieve my goals and how big I can make my goals. I got a sneak peek into the hard work that studying at the University of Cambridge involves, but also the fun and success it offers.”

The visit was part of an organised event, attended by students from schools across North Wales, to provide information about entry requirements and studying at the university. Students were also advised on the A-levels they would need to study to access particular degree courses.


To help them to start thinking like university students, they took part in a workshop held in Magdalene College, which involved them working in groups on a variety of questions that were given to them.

The aim was to show the students the way in which the university would want them to tackle questions and think. Afterwards, the students were taken in groups on a tour of the university, which included the dining hall, the chapel, a library and the surrounding grounds.

“Made me realise what university life is like”

Laura Williams said: “I’m considering a career in medicine. The trip to the University of Cambridge made me realise what university life is like. Also, I would now consider applying for Cambridge as well as other universities.”

Mrs Kane, subject leader PSE & careers, accompanied the students on the visit. She said: “It was an excellent day that provided these highly motivated students with an in-depth view of the university.

“The visit was made extra special as they were shown around by Esther. She also showed them the biology and law departments, as one of the students is interested in medicine and another in law.

“Esther was able to answer their questions and give them a first-hand account of student life at the university, which is an invaluable perspective. As a former Ysgol Clywedog student she is an excellent role model for them and encouraged them to have confidence and aim high.

“These students are now far more aware of what they can achieve and that a prestigious university such as Cambridge is within their reach.”

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