We’ve just taken a huge step forward for the future of council housing..

New council-owned social housing could soon be built in Wrexham for the first time in over 30 years. Last week, the council’s executive board gave the green light...

Would you give your child 10kg of sugar?

The disturbing fact is that many children already eat far more than 10kg of sugar every year! When it comes to snack time, it can be hard if...

Poo Patrol

We are a nation of dog lovers and the majority of us care for our dogs very well particularly when it comes to regular exercise. Unfortunately not...

Is this the best kept secret in Wrexham?

Did you know you can recycle your textiles? We're happy to take good quality clothing including worn out ones and shoes - it helps it you tie...

Shocking fly-tipping photos from across Wrexham …

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. It can vary from a single bin bag to thousands of tonnes of waste. It can be dangerous, pollutes land...

Overspent this Christmas?

Have your finances taken a battering this Christmas? If so why not find out more about dealing with your finances in a more personal way at Cambrian Credit...

Wonders of Wrexham goes on tour

‘I didn’t know that was there!’ ‘Where is that?’ ‘That is a lovely picture, but I have never heard of it!’ When we asked you to send photographs from around...

First arts exhibition for Tŷ Pawb announced

Tŷ Pawb, the new multi-million pound markets, community and arts facility in the heart of Wrexham, will open with festivities for Dydd Llun Pawb on April 2. We’re...

Ladies’ golf sessions start tomorrow (09.01.18)

Any of you ladies fancy having a go at golf? If so tomorrow night (Tuesday 9 January) may be your opportunity to tee off into a new sport...

There’s good news for people who used the 146 bus to Whitchurch

There’s good news for people who used the 146 bus to Whitchurch. It will run again from Monday and will be operated by Pat’s Coaches. The timetable...

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