This note provides an update on the information posted on this blog on 4.7.20.

Key messages for this week

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This could be the most important job you ever do…

The new North Wales Contact Tracing Service is recruiting people to join teams across the region in a range of roles.

By now, you’ve hopefully heard about ‘contact tracing’ and how it’s being used to help combat Covid-19 in Wales.

It involves tracing people who’ve come into contact with an infected person, and advising them on what to do (e.g. get tested, self-isolate).

Have you got the right skills for one of these jobs?

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Meet contact tracer Morgan Thomas, who’s helping Wrexham in the fight against Covid-19

“I’ve really felt we’re making a difference in what we’re doing, and that sense of protecting the community has been extremely rewarding.”

Find out more about Morgan’s experiences as a contact tracer.

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Latest figures on PHW dashboard

You can keep track of the latest Covid-19 figures for Wales via the online dashboard provided by Public Health Wales (PHW).

It provides a useful summary of data, including the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in each area.

Today’s dashboard shows 1,196 cases recorded in Wrexham since testing began…12 more than yesterday. However, PHW has made it clear that these are not new cases.

They’re old (‘historical’) positive cases that were previously recorded as ‘area unknown’, because it wasn’t clear which part of Wales they belonged to.

So these are not 12 new cases, but 12 old cases that could go back as far as April.

You can read the latest update from PHW on its website…

Sports, play and leisure facilities

You might be wondering when council-owned play areas and sports pitches will reopen.

We’re undertaking risk-assessments for each facility and looking at what signage needs to be in place…so we can reopen safely.

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Shielding in Wales to pause from August 16

The Chief Medical Officer for Wales, Dr Frank Atherton, has confirmed people in Wales who are shielding will no longer need to after August 16.

The change in advice means that from August 16, people in the shielding group will be able to go to work or school or go shopping, but they should continue to take steps to protect themselves.

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Garden waste collection charges will apply from August 31

The annual charge for the garden waste collection service was originally due to be introduced back in April.

It was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, but will now be introduced on Monday, August 31.

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Wrexham businesses are good to go…

The Plassey Wrexham

Many tourism businesses across the county borough have signed-up to the national ‘Good to Go’ scheme.

The scheme recognises the safety measures put in place behind the scenes to reassure visitors, while still providing a great experience.

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Cross-border response to support Airbus workforce underway

Wrexham Council and the Mersey Dee Alliance have welcomed news that a cross-border response is underway to support the Airbus workforce and wider supply chain.

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HMRC invites businesses to register for ‘Eat Out to Help Out’

Businesses serving food for on-premises consumption can now sign-up to a new government initiative called ‘Eat Out to Help Out.’

It’s aimed at protecting jobs and encouraging people to safely return to dining out.

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Free town centre parking – please stick to time limits

Reminder – reliable sources of information about Covid-19

Latest information on the virus and what people should do about it is provided by:

How to get a test if you’ve got Coronavirus Symptoms.


Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) – public briefing note 4.7.20