Top 10

It’s that time of year, when blogs, newspapers and magazines are full of ‘list articles’ looking back at the past 12 months.

Well…we’re not above all that. So here’s a quick rundown of some of our favourite articles from 2017.

If you didn’t catch them the first time, take a peep. They’re still worth a read…

1. Use this neat trick to get your favourite magazines for free

If you regularly buy magazines, you could be spending a small fortune. But the fact is, you could be getting them for free.


2. The ‘safe space’ that helped over 300 people last Saturday night…and why you need to know about it

Hopefully you’ll never have to use it, but if your night out goes a bit pear-shaped, there’s a place you can go for help.

3. Watch the buildings come down as a local council estate gets a major makeover…

Unpopular houses on a local council estate have been demolished as part of a huge modernisation project.


4. Five myths about councils…busted

When it comes to public services, it’s not easy to know who does what. Which means people sometimes think their council is responsible for stuff they have no control over.

5. Town centre footfall breaks 100,000 mark in the summer

Wrexham town centre saw its visitor count reach more than 100,000 people during a week in August.

6. Respite for Rachel

No wages, no sick pay, no annual leave – if you’re a carer, you’ll know what we mean!

In Wrexham, however, there is a rare example of creative thinking and practical action changing the lives of Rachel Harry, her daughter Freya and Rachel’s mum Karan.

7. Own your own little piece of Wrexham history…the Acton Dog

Here’s a chance for you to own your own little piece of Wrexham history in the shape of the Acton Dog. It’s been re-created using new 3D technology, thanks to engineers at Glyndwr University.

8. What brings £330,000 to Wrexham every year?

You may be surprised to know that it’s one of the biggest international music events in Europe…it’s FOCUS Wales, and it takes place here in Wrexham every May.


9. Young people…“you can make a difference”

Are you aged between 11 and 25? Do you feel more could be done to ensure young people have their views taken seriously, and are represented?

10. Want to start a business in Wrexham? Get free support

Entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in Wrexham can tap-into loads of free support.

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