Drink Less Enjoy More This article is written as part of a series of posts about the #DrinkLessEnjoyMore campaign

Christmas is coming and you might be organising your Christmas nights out with friends, work colleagues and family. And if you plan on visiting Wrexham as part of that night out… fantastic! We want to make sure your night is as good and as safe as possible and we are working hard to make sure that happens.

Wrexham Council is working closely with North Wales Police to make sure that everyone who visits Wrexham has a memorable night, for the right reasons. To make sure this happens we are supporting bars and clubs to comply with the law and refuse service of alcohol to people who are excessively drunk.

We all want to have fun and enjoy the bustling nightlife in our region. Recent research however, has shown that excessive drunkenness puts large burdens on health, police and other public services. For example, 29% of violent crimes in Wrexham are alcohol fuelled which can lead to a trip to the emergency department or even a police cell. By supporting bars and clubs to refuse to serve people who are clearly drunk, we aim to make Wrexham a safer and more enjoyable place to have a night out.

We want people to help us with a research study looking at drinking habits in nightlife areas.
Don’t worry – the questionnaire is completely confidential and anonymous; nobody has to give their personal details. It just helps give us a better understanding of the issue and what we can do to tackle it.


Dave Jolly, said “The Night Time Economy in Wrexham does not provide an environment which supports, encourages or allows drunken behaviour. We are working hard to reduce alcohol related violence/sexual assaults and ensure everyone has a great, safe night out.”

What the law means for you…

  • You could get refused entry or service at a bar/club/pub if you are clearly drunk
  • You can be fined up to £1000 if you knowingly buy alcohol for a friend who is clearly drunk

Wrexham Council and its partners recently launched the #DrinkLessEnjoyMore campaign, encouraging young people to look after themselves by cutting back on how much they drink before they go out…as well as how much they drink once they get to the bars, pubs and clubs in Wrexham.

For more information about the #DrinkLessEnjoyMore campaign click here

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