Following on from our article earlier in the week, here are some more examples of the important role Occupational Therapists in Wrexham play in addressing health equity.

Occupational Therapy Week 2021 takes place between 1-7 November, and you can follow #OTsForEquity to see more of the great work taking place.

Case scenario 3

What was the Challenge?

“A referral was sent in from Glan Clwyd Hospital for ICF in-reach support for a citizen with right leg amputation and who was wheelchair dependent. What mattered to the client was to be able to return home to his cottage as soon as possible to recover at home. An environmental assessment was needed in order to facilitate a safe discharge. A further challenge was the Covid-19 situation; all risk assessments were undertaken and policies adhered to.”

What did you change?

“The case was given priority and an OT was able to act immediately. The environmental visit was carried out the next morning. The ICF OT was able to update the Glan Clwyd OT immediately after the visit, and the citizen was discharged home the same day.

“The ICF OT was able to carry out a subsequent follow up telephone call to client to ensure there were no immediate concerns, and further visits were made to assess the client in his own home and further interventions were put in place.”

What impact did you make?

“Due to the quick response the citizen’s outcomes were achieved. This had a huge positive impact on his overall well-being. ICF intervention freed up the hospital bed in Glan Clwyd – without this there would inevitably been a delay with the discharge.

“The referral to ICF meant that the discharge was overseen by an OT, with the benefit of being able to see the client quickly in his own home and further adaptations and equipment were reviewed in the community in a timely manner. The client is now managing well at home with all interventions and no care package in place.”

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Case scenario 4

What was the Challenge?

“A lady in her mid-50’s was sent home from hospital as end of life, after having a catastrophic stroke. Hospice at home was involved. Whilst in her home environment she started to pick up and regain some strength – nonverbal after the stroke, but able to indicate to family that ‘what matters’ to her is that she would like to sit out in the chair to watch TV.

“The family were initially lifting her at the shoulders and feet into an unsuitable armchair. The ICF OT was asked to review for equipment and to put safe practices in place.”

What did you change?

“The ICF OT worked alongside the Community Neuro Physio in order to establish the citizen’s functional ability and possibility for progression. The ICF OT installed moving and handling equipment, initially a mobile hoist and later a H frame ceiling track. The citizen indicated that she only wanted her family to hoist, so training was provided for family to safely use the hoist and care was cancelled.

“The ICF OT obtained funding from the Live at Home Fund for a bespoke moveable armchair with full support and pressure relieving qualities in the colour of the citizen’s choice.”

What impact did you make?

“The input from the ICF OT had a huge positive impact on the citizens overall well-being and ‘what matters’ to her was fully achieved; she can now watch TV from her armchair and be more inclusive with family activities. The family can safely move the lady without fear of injury to her or to themselves.

“The citizen and her family are managing well at home with all ICF OT interventions put in place. I will never forget the look of sheer delight when the citizen was hoisted into her bespoke chair for the first time – that was job satisfaction in a nutshell.”

How to access the OT service

The OT service can be accessed via the adult’s single point of contact for adults, or via the Multi Agency Panel for children with disabilities.

It’s Occupational Therapy Week – let’s shine a light on our OTs in Wrexham

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