Saint Giles Church Staff

Visitor numbers to St Giles Parish Church in Wrexham town centre continue to rise, with staff celebrating the ever-increasing popularity of the church with tourists from near and far in 2018.

Data recorded by the church shows that, excluding the Victorian Christmas Market, a total of 33,300 visitors came in 2018 – growth of 21% over 2017 – and almost double the number of visitors in 2014.

In addition, entries in the church visitors book (and on TripAdvisor) show just what a wide global appeal the church continues to have with visitors from all parts of the world (including Australia, all parts of Europe, South America and North America) – as well as from all over the UK.


These visitors joined locals in visiting the church for many reasons, which include the spectacular poppy display for the Armistice Commemorations, the popular tower climbs, recitals and concerts, special services, and the many school and charity carol concerts in December…not to mention the Victorian Christmas Market.

These are all in addition to the usual full round of weekly services: prayer and worship, together with regular church activities and church events. Going forward, the Parish Church is hopeful of adding to their visitor figures for 2019.

This spring will see FOCUS Wales concerts held at the church – along with, in April, the return of the popular tower climbs on the last Saturday of each month until September, giving panoramic views of North East Wales to those venturing the 150 steps to the top.

Poppies Poppy Church

Parish Church Vicar Rev Dr. Jason Bray, who’s also a board member of the This Is Wrexham Tourism Partnership, told us: “It’s our mission at St Giles’ to be visible and active, and also to give everyone a really warm welcome.

“So it’s great to see that the message is getting out there to increasing numbers of visitors, many of whom will also spend time in the town centre.”

Speaking on behalf of the This Is Wrexham Tourism Partnership – Chairperson Sam Regan said: “St Giles Parish Church is a key attractor to the town centre and welcomes a range of different audiences throughout the year as these figures demonstrate.

“We, and the council’s tourism team, are really keen to ensure that the church plays a key part in the current tourism plan for the county, and that it’s supported in delivering a first class welcome to those who visit.”

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