Food Caddy Recycling Waste

Following our introduction of bin stickers to black bins across Wrexham, this is something that is on a lot of people’s minds…what exactly can I recycle as food waste?

In truth, the answer is probably much simpler than you think…

This is because all foods can be recycled as food waste…yes, you read that right, ‘ALL foods’.

(However, liquids such as cooking oils and milk can’t be recycled as food waste.) 


This includes some of the foods you mightn’t necessarily think of, such as:

• Out of date foods
• Bones and carcasses
• Egg shells
• Banana peelings (and other peelings)
• Apple cores
• Tea bags
• Coffee granules
• Raw foods
• Mouldy foods
• Plate scrapings
• Uneaten ready meals
• Fast food (e.g. chips and pizzas)
• Shellfish

Things that we don’t want you to try and recycle as food waste are liquids (such as oil or milk), packaging, plastic bags, nappies or garden waste.

Don’t forget, if you need a new food caddy, you can order one – FOR FREE – on our website.

So that’s what you can recycle…now here’s why you should recycle food 🙂

‘Your food caddy is emptied every week, your general waste isn’t!’

Along with the environmental benefits, by recycling your food waste, you’re also freeing up valuable space in your black bin. It also helps to stop your bins from smelling from rotting food – remember your food caddy is emptied every week, your general waste isn’t!

So please love your leftovers and recycle them. Remember, we also want your out of date food as well, so please remove it from its packaging first, and recycle it in your caddy.

Don’t forget – if you’re running low on caddy liners, you can just tie an empty one to your caddy handle on your collection day and we’ll leave you a new roll…

Or, alternatively you can get them from our recycling centres…just speak to an attendant and ask them for another roll.

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