llan y pwll link road litter works

We have been hard at work on the Llan Y Pwll Link Road recently. As part of the scheme, we have repaired damaged traffic signs, repaired sections of damaged crash barrier and carried out general maintenance by cutting grass and litter picking.

25 tonnes of litter

Our teams have been working hard to carry out the maintenance on the route but have been shocked at the amount of litter that has been thrown from cars. In total, we have removed more than 25 tonnes of litter from the site.


Workers lives are put at risk when picking up litter and drivers are being urged to keep their rubbish with them rather than leaving it at the roadside risking the lives of workers that haver to collect it.

Before and After

“Dispose of your litter properly”

Cllr David A Bithell Lead Member for Environment said, “Most drivers who throw litter from their car windows don’t think about what they are doing or the fact that someone will have to come and collect it. I hope residents and visitors appreciate the costs incurred by local councils when collecting litter, at a time of great financial pressures. We ask members of the public to please dispose of their litter properly. I would also like to thank all staff for their hard work on the Llan Y Pwll Link Road over the last couple of weeks. ”

The daytime works have now finished, however there will be over-night works between Borras Head roundabout and Gresford rounabout for 4 nights. A diversion will be maintained during the works.

We apologise for inevitable delays and disruption and we ask that you bear with whilst this essential work takes place and allow extra time for your journey.

You can read more about the works here:  https://news.wrexham.gov.uk/roadworks-from-monday-on-llan-y-pwll-link-road/

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