This is an update to our announcement back in October regarding charges for school breakfast clubs.

The implementation of charges follows the Difficult Decisions consultation which took place in the autumn of 2017.

We decided to implement a £1 charge to contribute towards the cost of the supervisory element of Breakfast Clubs in primary schools.

The new charge will come into effect on Monday, March 4.


Why is the charge necessary?

Since 2004, a number of primary schools have had a breakfast club scheme which has been provided free of charge. 51 schools now participate in this scheme.

The “free breakfast” element, which was originally funded by Welsh Government, only needs to be available for half an hour prior to the start of the school day.

It has been difficult for schools to recruit staff for just half an hour, so supervisory staff have been employed for one hour each day – effectively providing free childcare before the school day officially starts.

The last period of the service will remain free of charge to all pupils, but for parents or guardians who want to drop their children off during the first period of the scheme, a charge will be in place of £1 per child, per day, to contribute to the cost of the supervision needed.

For example, if the school day starts at 8:50am, there would only be a charge for children dropped off between 7.50am and 8.20am.

The times will vary from school to school, so parents will need to check with their child’s school to find out between what times the charge will apply.

Children eligible for free school meals will not be required to pay the charge.

The service will continue to run for approximately one hour daily at participating schools before the start of the official school day.

How can I pay?

Parents will be able to pay online via our website – just search on the e-store for “breakfast” or “breakfast club” for the relevant school – or they can make cash payments to the senior breakfast supervisor.

(Please note that supervisors will not be able to provide change, so parents should make sure they send the correct money).

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