Bin Recycling Stickers

Have you seen the new recycling stickers popping up on household waste bins in Wrexham? You might even have one on your bin!

If you have, don’t worry 🙂

As part of the council’s continued recycling drive, the distinctive red and black stickers are being used to remind people to recycle as much as they can before filling their blue or black bins.


Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, says: “We’ll still be emptying black bins where we find they contain recyclable items, but we want to do everything we can to encourage people to recycle wherever possible…and these stickers are part of that drive.”

Space is ace…

You can recycle all sorts of materials in Wrexham, and by taking a closer look at packaging, food and other stuff you’ve finished with, you might find you can save some space in your blue or black bin.

And recycling more is better for our planet (and let’s be honest…Earth needs all the help it can get).

So it’s really important to get it right, and put the right things in the right bins, boxes and bags.

Here’s a reminder of what goes where…

Blue reusable bag, or top container of wheelie box

All types of paper and cardboard including newspapers, magazines, toilet roll tubes, egg boxes and envelopes.

Green box, or middle container of wheelie box

All types of drinks cans, food tins, clean foil, empty aerosols (not including de-icers) mixed plastic’s including plastic pots, tubs trays and bottles.

Black box, or bottom container of wheelie box

All types of glass bottles, jars and containers.

When recycling glass jars and other food containers, please try to make sure there’s no remains of leftover food, as this can be recycled in your food caddy.

If you can, give the containers a quick wash before popping them in the right recycling container.

Grey kerbside caddy

All food types including leftovers, out-of-date and even frozen food. Use the free compostable liners provided and not carrier bags, as these aren’t compostable. If you require more compostable bags please tie a liner around your caddy handle on collection day and you will be left another roll.

You can find all this info on Wrexham Council’s website.

Need more recycling boxes etc?

Your recycling is really important to us, so if you need extra recycling containers, it’s really easy to order more – free of charge.

Thank you to everyone in the county borough. Your continued support for Wrexham’s recycling scheme is making a huge difference.

Let’s help Wrexham become the best in Wales! 🙂

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