Wrexham Council webcast

Did you know you can view live streams of council meetings as they happen?

And if you happen to miss a live stream, you can watch webcasts of recent meetings and easily catch up.

Which meetings do we stream?

A lot of key decisions are made at council meetings…about issues that might affect you.

We stream our Executive Board meetings, as well as Full Council, Planning Committee and some Scrutiny Committee meetings.

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The latest decisions as they happen…

So if you’re interested in a particular debate or discussion, you don’t need to venture out to the Guildhall. Just turn on your computer, tablet or smartphone to see what’s happening.

All you need to do is go to our webcast page at the time the meeting is due to start, and click on the ‘live feed.’

Or catch up later…

It’s so simple. Just visit the same page to catch up, with meetings archived for six months.

You can find out which meetings are coming up by taking a look at our website.

It’s worth noting that sometimes we have agenda items that have to be discussed in private (the reasons for this are explained in another recent article), so we can’t film those items.

But if you’re interested in seeing how public issues are debated, and decisions made, it’s worth taking a look online.

It’s never been easier.

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