Did you know that we have been broadcasting our Council, Planning and Executive Board Meetings for some time now?

Whilst there are some boring bits there’s also some topics that are close to everyone’s hearts like education, housing, social care and the environment that our members make some very important decisions on. Decisions that may affect you or your family in some way.


We first started broadcasting in August 2014 and at the last check 130 of you viewed the Planning Committee on 31 July and 135 viewed Executive Board on 11 July. We’d like to see more of you tuning in over the coming months and we’ll be bringing you what we think are some of the most important items up for discussion in the hope you’ll tune in to listen to what happens.

You don’t have to tune in to the live broadcast but can watch from the archive which goes back up to six months.

It’s suitable for viewing on your PC, mobile or other device.
We also broadcast some of our Scrutiny Committees especially those with items you may

find particularly interesting such as how do we deal with discarded needles.

You can find the broadcasts here.

If you’ve already viewed on of our webcasts – either live or from the archive please we’d love to know if you found it useful. This will help us when we come to decide if we are going to continue webcasting in the future.

Just email your comments to committees@wrexham.gov.uk

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