There’s plenty of people out there who are keen to learn Welsh, but don’t know where to start.

Maybe you’re one of them?

Maybe you’ve got no experience with the Welsh language at all. Maybe you learnt it at school and want to revisit it. Or maybe you’re a seasoned day-to-day speaker who wants to improve their skills.

Either way, there are many apps, helpers, classes, organisations and resources out there – both online and offline – which can help.


Visit the Learn Welsh page on our website to find out more

Further information on learning Welsh is also available with the Welsh Government’s Dysgu Cymraeg resource, more details on which are available here.

“Proud of Wrexham’s heritage and Welsh language”

Wrexham has a strong, traditional Welsh-speaking community – along with an increasing amount of Welsh language cultural events.

And a knowledge of the Welsh language can also be a great benefit to businesses, with many finding it helps them to better engage with their Welsh-speaking customers.

Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead Member for Communities, Partnerships, Community Safety and Public Protection, said: “As a Welsh speaker and learner, I know from experience that there are plenty of resources available to help people pick up the language.

“Regardless of what level you may be at – whether you’re learning from scratch or have some knowledge of Welsh but want to improve – there will be help available.

“And more and more of these will be in the form of apps or online services, meaning it’s easier than ever to learn small amount of Welsh every day.”

Cllr Jones added: “We at Wrexham Council are very proud of Wrexham’s heritage and the Welsh language, and want to do all we can to encourage and help others to speak it.”

For more information, head to our website.

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