As the government looks at reaching its 2050 goal of getting one-million Welsh speakers in Wales, new and innovative ideas are sought to encourage more people to speak Welsh and promote the language.

It’s becoming increasingly easy to start learning Welsh, with a range of starter services for budding learners on offer.

It can also be a big benefit to businesses, helping them to build up their local brand and engage more with Welsh-speaking customers.


But as technology improves and the opportunities and connectivity offered by apps and social media get better, there will be new ways out there of learning Welsh – and the Welsh Government is keen to support anyone who can help unlock their potential.

The government is looking for new ways to encourage more people to use Welsh in their day-to-day lives, taking advantage of new technologies and community activities.

As part of the appeal for new ideas, organisations are being offered grants of up to £20,000, which would help put make the ideas suggested into action.

As part of Miliwn o Siaradwyr/One Million Speakers push to get one million people in Wales speaking Welsh by 2050, the Welsh Government is keen to find ways of using new technologies to get people using and speaking Welsh.

Projects that offer new ideas and activities, take advantage of new technology or offer original ways of encouraging and promoting the language are sought.

Applications are open to businesses, charities, or public sector groups – or a consortium of any of them.

The closing date for submissions is Friday, September 22.

More information is available on the grant scheme at, or by e-mail to

Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead Member for Communities, Partnerships, Community Safety and Public Protection, said: “People are making increasing use of apps and online resources to learn Welsh – but there’s bound to be even more new ideas out there on how to make good use of emerging technologies, to the advantage of Welsh learners and speakers.

“Anyone who has any new ideas on how the government can get people learning Welsh should certainly get in touch with the Welsh Government and apply for the grant.”

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