Advent Calendar Christmas Recycling

At Christmas, we tend to buy or get given items that we mightn’t see throughout the rest of the year.

So whilst we’re used to recycling the items that we deal with all-year round, these more festive items might cause us to think to ourselves “can I recycle this?” or perhaps “what can I recycle from this?”

With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to run through some festive things that can be recycled.

Large chocolate tubs

Many of us will have these at some point over Christmas-time. Let’s face it, they’re handy for when family and friends pop round and they also tend to be the go-to present for those people who can be tricky to buy for.

So please know that these containers – Quality Street, Celebrations, Roses, Heroes etc – can be recycled with all your other plastics. The more traditional aluminium ones can be recycled here too 🙂

Recycling Tub Plastic

Advent calendars

If your household enjoys advent calendars, it’s important to know there’s a couple of things you should be able to recycle from them.

Any cardboard packaging can be recycled alongside your papers as long as it doesn’t contain glitter or plastic add-ons.


Unfortunately, most advent calendars will have a plastic tray inside, but you should be able to recycle this with your other plastics.

A great way to avoid plastic altogether is to be creative and try making your own advent calendar.

There’s many different ways of making your own advent calendar. A quick googling of the subject brings up countless ways of tackling this, from straightforward methods to more challenging ones.

If you do try it, stick to purely recyclable materials when making your calendar. Many of the guides require just cardboard, scissors, glue and colouring pens (not glitter ones) and still look fantastic whilst being fully recyclable.

If you don’t have time to make your own, you could even look into buying a reusable advent calendar. Many companies now sell calendars made from wood or fabric, which are great to use over-and-over again 🙂

Clean foil

Most of you are probably aware by now that clean foil can be recycled in your green box/middle wheelie box, but at Christmas you’ll perhaps be using more foil than normal.

For example, the foil cases from any mince pies you have can be recycled, as can the foil you get with any chocolate coins you have.

Although these both seem like quite small things, many of us will have them over Christmas so if we can all recycle them it will make a difference.

Christmas cards and envelopes

Christmas cards (without glitter and any bows removed) as well as their envelopes can be recycled with the rest of your paper. Paper and card gift bags can be recycled here too – just remember to remove any non-recyclable handles.

Lots of wrapping paper is recyclable too…take a look at our guide to find out which ones are.

Christmas trees

Real Christmas trees (non-artificial) can be chopped up into pieces and placed in your garden waste bins, or can be taken to any of our three household recycling centres to be recycled.

Faulty Christmas lights

Old/faulty Christmas lights can be taken to any of the three household recycling centres to be recycled. One of our attendants will be able to point you in the right direction.

You should never try under any circumstances to dispose of electrical items in your general waste!

Unwanted gifts

If you receive a gift that you won’t get much use from, perhaps consider ‘regifting’ it.

Regifting involves giving your unwanted gifts to others and if you don’t have anyone to pass them on to, we’re sure the reuse shop would be very grateful if you’d consider donating the gifts to them.

You can find the reuse shop in our Bryn Lane recycling centre…have a look at this recent blog for more information about the reuse shop.

Don’t forget the obvious

Over the Christmas period, you’ll probably have greater quantities of your everyday-items too, and it’s important you recycle all your extra tins, cans, bottles and jars etc.

Fact: Did you know that if your recycling boxes are full, you can leave extra recycling out for collection in carrier bags (not black sacks) or individual containers? Just make sure you separate the different materials, as you usually would e.g. papers in one, plastics/tins in another, and place them next to your recycling boxes on your collection day. We’ll leave you the carrier bags/containers to reuse again.

With family and friends dropping round, you’ll almost certainly have more food waste too, so it’s worth reminding yourself what can be recycled. This blog covers what can be recycled as food waste.

As always, thanks for recycling 🙂

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