Recycling Ty Pawb Wrexham

Between 10am and 12.30pm on Friday, March 8, our recycling officers and the Lead Member for Environment and Transport were on hand to answer your recycling questions at Tŷ Pawb.

They were also giving out new caddies, caddy liners, recycling bags, recycling calendars and net covers for recycling boxes, to help people in their recycling efforts.


It was a good-spirited atmosphere as Wayne Anderson, Maria Hughes and Cllr. David A. Bithell, the Lead Member for Environment and Transport, answered questions for over two hours.

Cllr. Bithell said: “It was great to talk to the people of Wrexham about recycling and address the things that are on their minds.

“We also gave out a large number of caddies and caddy liners, plus we had some other useful things people could take away with them. People have been very positive and it’s this attitude that will help us reach our 70% recycling target. We really appreciate everyone coming to see us.”

So, what were some of the things on people’s minds?

We’re going to run through some of the most asked questions…

How can I get a new food caddy?

They were giving them out on the day, but it doesn’t matter if you missed this, because you can order a new caddy – for free – on our website. You can also order new recycling boxes and green bins here, although there is a charge for a green bin.

What can I recycle as food waste?

Great question – our recent blog article covers this, which you can read here…

I’m confused by recycling…what goes where?

Again, we’ve got a blog article that covers all this…read all about this here…

Why do I need to clean things before I can recycle them?

Washing your plastic pots, tubs, trays and bottles before they’re collected means a much better quality of recyclable material is sent off to be recycled into new products. We’re not asking you to spend ages cleaning them, just give them a quick swill in your used dishwater to get the food remains off them 🙂

I keep hearing about single-use plastics…what are they?

Basically, single-use plastics are the hard-to-recycle stuff that tends to get used once, and then thrown away. One of the main ways you can get better at recycling is by cutting out single-use plastic and using biodegradable or re-usable options as much as possible. Want to know a bit more? Take our quiz on plastic 🙂

These are just brief selection of some of the questions that were asked. We have a wider selection of frequently asked questions on the main council website.

Bin reminders

Remember, you can even subscribe to a bin collection day reminder which you receive via e-mail every week the day before your collection day.

Thanks for recycling 🙂

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